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Water Trek Aqua Route®

plastic drainage pipe for wet basements - Water Trek Aqua Route® Your home is your most valuable asset…and each home and basement environment is different. You can trust that experienced professionals, not paid salesmen, will take ownership of your project from beginning to end to ensure the best results for your project and that you receive excellent customer satisfaction.

The Water Trek Aqua Route® system is engineered with two (2) unique components.  This design enables your Central Ontario Seepage Solutions Representative to address and solve any sub-floor problem with a “Custom Tailored” cost effective basement waterproofing solution.  

Independent research and testing proves that basement water originates from in front of the footing, as well as, from the footing foundation wall seam.  The Water Trek Aqua Route® conduit has slots on both sides to accommodate both problem areas.  The patented system is self-washing and virtually “clog free”. The Water Trek Aqua Route® drainage system is designed with flush points in key areas to ensure that your new drainage system will stay free flowing and last you for years to come. Trust your home to the leading name in basement waterproofing!-Central Ontario Seepage Solutions!

basement subfloor systems - Water Trek Aqua Route®

The Water Trek Aqua Route® Basement Waterproofing System is patented for a Reason..................IT JUST WORKS BETTER!

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