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The Tech Deck™

Basement Finishing Ideas

"Trust your home to the leading name in the basement waterproofing industry … Central Ontario Seepage Solutions"

The Tech Deck™ follows the contour of the level basement floor and allows an air flow under The Tech Deck™ minimizing mold growth which is prevalent in carpets, tiles and other floor coverings. The subterranean basement environment requires this air flow to combat the hazards of mold and condensation.

Air circulation under the basement flooring is a priority for creating and maintaining a healthy basement environment. The Central Ontario Seepage Solutions Tech Deck™ solution eliminates problems and provides a clean and safe additional living/storage space to your home.

The research and development department at Central Ontario Seepage Solutions teamed up with a top engineering firm to develop a modular basement floor covering that will finish and protect the basement floor in one easy step. The decking has over 20 years of proven engineering durability. It is engineered to withstand the toughest of mechanical environments, and resist oil and household chemicals. Our new floor cover profile is specifically designed for basement floors and allows air to channel under these patented tiles.

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