Guaranteed Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Solutions.


Sump Pumps: Quick solutions to remove water from your basement!

If your basement water problem requires a sump pump to remove excess water, call to install the best:

We recommend Central Ontario Seepage Solutions’ revolutionary new Water Grabber®– the “Bull Dog™”!

  1. Your basement was built level, plumb and square – not circular. 
  2. Traditionally sump pumps are located on a straight wall or in a corner. 
  3. Install a pump that fits snugly and attractively in your basement and blends in better.
  4. This unique patent pending sump pump system has characteristics like tenacity and toughness.
  5. The Bull Dog™ pump’s configurations have backups and secondary pumps for extra protection during power outages

Dehumidifiers: Dry the air for a dry basement-commercial grade for better results!

  • It is natural for basements to be damp.
  • To thoroughly dry it, we must create a new environment.
  • Water may be stopped by a Water Trek Aqua Route®system
  • Dampness can still occur due to the temperature difference between the sub floor and basement air and basic humidity levels of the air.
  • To stop condensation, there must be temperature equilibrium and moisture extraction. 

Water Grabber Ranger™

Over the years Central Ontario Seepage Solutions has recognized an unforeseen potential problem...a plumbing pipe burst or leak. Our waterproofing systems will solve any ground water problem – but what about a broken plumbing pipe? Our Water Grabber® Bull Dogs™ come with a sealed lid so gas and bugs do not get out, and kids cannot get in.

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PONI™ II Battery Backup System

Basement Waterproofing System

"Trust your home to the leading name in the basement waterproofing industry . . . Seepage Solutions"

A sub floor basement waterproofing system linked to a sump pump is considered by industry experts to be the most reliable and cost effective solution to basement water problems.

Seepage Solutions Water Trek Aqua Route® patented system isPONI - basement waterproofing system considered the “best” waterproofing system available today.

Consider the consequences of a power outage and a mechanical failure at the pump, it is highly recommended that homeowners install backups to confront any emergency situation.

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Stallion Eliminator

stallioneliminator.gifAn accepted reality in basement waterproofing is that all reliable basement waterproofing systems are based on a pumping unit. Pumping units are run on electricity and are a mechanical device prone to possible failure. Central Ontario Seepage Solutions recommends Battery Backup Units and secondary pumps on all pump locations. The StallionEliminator is designed to be the best Battery Backup Unit on the market. Storms, power outages and unforeseen mechanical failure are all unforeseen realities. We recommend every Central Ontario Seepage Solutions customer plan for the unforeseen.

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Water Grabber Bull Dog™

High Volume Sump Pumps

Central Ontario Seepage Solutions is proud to introduce our revolutionary new Water Grabber® – the “Bull Dog™”! Our unique patent pending sump pump system represents an innovative alternative to the basement waterproofing industry. Central Ontario Seepage Solutions’ research and development department continues to “think outside the box” or in this case "Inside the Box" and as a result…the new Water Grabber® “Bull Dog™”!

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