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Curtain Drain™

Our patent pending solution to flooding surface water by the home. It is common for homes, at the base of hills or inclines, to have water pooling at the base of the house's foundation. These pools occur during heavy rain falls when water has nowhere to go. It then penetrates into the basement by seeping under the siding and plywood and over the foundation. Seepage Solutions' patent pending product, the "Curtain Drain™" is designed to eliminate water from entering the basement due to exterior pooling. The "Curtain Drain™" will take the threatening water which collected on the surface and route it to the side of the home away from the flooded area. Due to the extreme unpredictability of exterior environments, we cannot warranty exterior system.

Our Curtain Drain™system is an economical and effective system for added peace of mind. In addition, we can install our Finish White panels to the inside basement walls which would allow water to flow behind them so that the water will be rerouted into a full perimeter system beneath the floor on the inside. We always recommend our patented, interior system, The Water Trek Aqua Route®, be installed in conjunction with the exterior Curtain Drain™.

Finished Curtain Drain™ Various Colored Stones Are Available

foundation waterproofing - finished Curtain Drain™

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