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Damp and Wet Crawl Spaces

Insects and Critters

For bugs and rodents, dirt crawl spaces are a great place to call home. The high levels of humidity, the many nesting places and the availability of food are very inviting. Remove the welcome mat and encapsulate your crawlspace!

Structural Damage

Many times the high humidity in a crawl space is enough on its own to cause severe structural damage. Aside from the fact that moist wood is like the dessert tray to termites, wet wood looses it’s strength. Wet steel and iron also deteriorates.

High Humidity

In order to prevent mold, the relative humidity in an area must be below 50%. When you have exposed dirt, no matter how large a dehumidifier you use, you will struggle to control the relative humidity. By encapsulating the area, we can help you win the battle on molds, bugs and smells.

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