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Lawn Magnum™

Only available from your Central Ontario Seepage Solutions Dealer

Flooded lawns from pump discharge and downspout?... NOT ANYMORE.

A problem which has been plaguing homeowners and waterproofing companies for years has now been solved. Water collecting on lawns of homes having water proofing systems with sump pumps is very common. The water which enters and then threatens the floor on the inside is drained through our Water Trek Aqua Route® conduit and is collected in our Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ Pump System. The water is then pumped from the basement out onto the lawn through our Bubbler Pot™. Once, expelled, this water creates another problem for the homeowner.

Until now, when flooding occured on a lawn, waterproofing companies have only been able to reroute the water to another area of the lawn, which in turn, will flood. The Lawn Magnum™ will dispense this water in to the sub soil and keeps it under the ground and off of the lawn.

The revolutionary patented Lawn Magnum™delivers a real solution to most, if not all, flooded lawns. While other waterproofing companies and landscapers can only reroute the large volume of water to another surface area of the yard, Central Ontario Seepage Solutions,with The Lawn Magnum™, can disperse large volumes of water into the subsoil under the lawn and keep most of it underground and off your lawn.

The Lawn Magnum™ is installed approximately 40'' below the lawn surface and covered up to the original lawn condition.

The Lawn Magnum™ will reduce the amount of water overflow to the surface of the lawn. The majority of the water is filtered underground and actually helps water the subsoil and roots under the lawn. The area surrounding The Lawn Magnum™ burial area actually grows better and looks greener. The Lawn Magnum™, with similar installations since 1952, has a life expectancy of approximately 50 years. It is now available exclusively through your Central Ontario Seepage Solutions dealer and should help considerably with lawn flooding. The Lawn Magnum™ is a patented design set up with a pressure fitting that forces water under the lawn. The discharged water is forced downward into the unit and dispersed into the subsoil, thus reducing the hassle and inconvenience of multiple discharge relocations throughout your lawn. For severe flooding, tandem units can be installed.

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