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Tank Pro

"Eliminate Potential Basement Flooding Nightmares"

It's Bound to Happen

Hot water heater tanks can "let go" every 5 - 10 years and when this happens, the water damage can be devastating. The entire basement gets flooded, ruining all your contents and possessions. Seepage Solutions continually strives to eliminate potential water problems in the basement. In doing so, Seepage Solutions has developed the Tank Pro, a hot water tank protector that will stop this damage from occurring by routing the escaping water from the tank and channeling it to your perimeter Water Trek Aqua Route system and Water Grabber Bull Dog.

The exclusive design of our patented product allows it to be installed around hot water tanks, washing machines, well water tanks or any other water holding device in the basement. So if a disaster happens with a hot water tank, the water will be contained and brought to your sub floor system on the perimeter wall and not flood your basement.

Any device which holds water is able to "let go". When this happens, the Tank Pro is able to contain the water and drain it into your Water Trek Aqua Route system. This can save you potentially thousands of dollars in water damage repairs. Washing machines, hot water tanks, water purifiers, etc. can all be protected. Protect your basement from unexpected hot water tank breaks. A hot water tank rupture can devastate a basement. You've already protected yourself with the best basement waterproofing system on the planet; shouldn't you also protect your basement from unexpected plumbing breaks? Exclusive Sub-Floor Tank Protection the Tank Pro is an exclusive patented design unique to the basement waterproofing industry. Previous tank protectors were designed using only a 2-part epoxy or pan mounted to the floor.

Central Ontario Seepage Solutions developed the tank protector which becomes part of the floor, submerged in the concrete slab, creating a bond to the floor which far surpasses anyone else’s.

The hose or basin on a washing machine or any water holding tank can let go as well as ruptured hot water tank. Central Ontario Seepage Solutions can protect your basement from flooding by taking the escaping hot water tank's water and disposing of it under the floor into your patented Water Trek Aqua Route system and containing it with the patented Tank Pro. Our Tank Pro is actually set in the floor guaranteeing a permanent seal which will prevent unwanted water damage to your basement.

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