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Central Ontario Seepage Solutions has been using polyurethane and epoxy injection for years. Although these types of injections usually work, problems could develop over time. Concrete wall and soil expand and contract, therefore, generating the need for further repair. These methods did not meet Seepage Solutions' standards.

Central Ontario Seepage Solutions reputation was too important to use such product alone. We developed a method that was “fool proof”. The Techni-Crack™ method is here and now available. The Hydrophobic compound applied to the back of the membrane repels any water quickly, and efficiently directs it to the system below. It has proven to be one infallible method available on the market today.

"It Just Works Better"

Poured foundation wall cracks
generate water onto your floor.
Optional polyurethane injection stops
water from the outside of the wall (for
really “bad” leaks).
One part polyurethane sealant on
We apply a Hydrophobic Gel on the back of the Techni-Crack™ membrane and apply it to the wall, then tie it into the Water Trek Aqua Route® system or drywell.

Inventing a better method to seal cracks in poured foundation walls, that would not require repair work every few years, was important to Central Ontario Seepage Solutions R&D Division. The resulting process and product simply works better. The primary "seal" during the process works alone, yet with the addition of the Techni-Crack™ Hydrophobic Membrane, homeowners can be assured they have a worry free solution in place. For real problem cracks, as an added "peace of mind", Central Ontario Seepage Solutions can do a polyurethane injection into the crack prior to installation of the Techni-Crack™ Hydrophobic Membrane.


Finishing the Techni-Crack™
membrane with sealant
Finished Techni-Crack™


For Protection with a warranty, our Techni-Crack™ serves as a life long solution. After many years, due to concrete shrinking, swelling and settling, there is a chance that a small leak may occur. With the Techni-Crack™ application, this problem is resolved.


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