Guaranteed Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Solutions.


Water Trek Aqua Route®


The Water Trek Aqua Route® system is patented and "Custom Tailored" to each home to ensure that each specific basement water problem encountered is properly handled. Your “Peace of mind” Water Trek Aqua Route® system will be designed by an experienced Job Site Supervisor, or Owner and installed by a fully trained Central Ontario Seepage Solutions Installation Team. The Water Trek Aqua Route® is designed to address water from both sides of the footing, floor and walls. Soil composition and foundation configuration play important roles in determining the proper solution for your particular drainage issue.

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Central Ontario Seepage Solutions has been using polyurethane and epoxy injections for years. Although these types of injections usually work, problems could develop over time. Concrete wall and soil expand and contract, therefore, generating the need for further repair. These methods alone did not meet Central Ontario Seepage Solutions’s standards.

Central Ontario Seepage Solutions’s reputation was too important to use such product alone. We use a method that is “fool proof”. The Hydrophobic compound applied to the back of the membrane repels any water quickly, and efficiently directs it to the system below.

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Freeze Stop™

freezestopsm.gifThe heart of any Waterproofing System is the sump pump. The sump pump usually discharges the water to the outside of the home. When it gets cold, exterior discharge lines can easily freeze. The pump will continue to pump, but due to the frozen discharge line, the water could back up and cause your basement to flood.

Not Any More! Our patented Freeze Stop™ eliminates this from ever happening. We guarantee, in writing, that our Water Grabber® sump pump will never back up due to exterior freezing again. Ask your representative about our unique Water Grabber®, Bubbler Pot™, Freeze Stop™, Alternator™, Lawn Magnum™ and Water Trek Aqua Route® patented products. It works ... we guarantee it.

Only Central Ontario Seepage Solutions Freeze Stop's™ unique patented design features a full 360 degree of protection from freezing. Dripping water from the gutters or eave line can accumulate on the outside structures causing ice build-up restricting the flow of water. The added protection of the 360 degree design makes it impossible to fail. Central Ontario Seepage Solutions installs only the finest patented products, guaranteeing your basement will be dry forever.

‘“Rest Easy” it’s patented for a Reason… It Works Better – Guaranteed.’

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Curtain Drain™

Our patent pending solution to flooding surface water by the home. It is common for homes, at the base of hills or inclines, to have water pooling at the base of the house's foundation. These pools occur during heavy rain falls when water has nowhere to go. It then penetrates into the basement by seeping under the siding and plywood and over the foundation. Seepage Solutions' patent pending product, the "Curtain Drain™" is designed to eliminate water from entering the basement due to exterior pooling. The "Curtain Drain™" will take the threatening water which collected on the surface and route it to the side of the home away from the flooded area. Due to the extreme unpredictability of exterior environments, we cannot warranty exterior system.

Our Curtain Drain™system is an economical and effective system for added peace of mind. In addition, we can install our Finish White panels to the inside basement walls which would allow water to flow behind them so that the water will be rerouted into a full perimeter system beneath the floor on the inside. We always recommend our patented, interior system, The Water Trek Aqua Route®, be installed in conjunction with the exterior Curtain Drain™.

Finished Curtain Drain™ Various Colored Stones Are Available

foundation waterproofing - finished Curtain Drain™