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Fieldstone Wall Conduit™

Central Ontario Seepage Solutions proudly introduces The Fieldstone Wall Conduit™ ... Innovative Solutions for Your Fieldstone Walls

Homeowners may consider tearing out their fieldstone walls due to frustrations associated with water, mold, dirt, odors, pests and rodents. In older colonial homes, it was common to dig out the basement and install stone walls. Older homes offer old world charm and craftsmanship with a high market elevation. The problem in any of these homes is the basement walls. The basements are usually unsightly, wet, damp and moldy. It makes little economic sense to tear down the home and redo the foundation and floor. Fieldstone walls have joints and cracks where the mortar (concrete) was installed to join the stones. Water, air, rodents and insects can get through these cracks. Central Ontario Seepage Solutions’ Fieldstone Wall Conduit™ solves the problem permanently and cost effectively. Our solution seals all the problems out and effectively creates a new living space, free of insects, dirt, rodents and water. The Fieldstone Wall Conduit™ is best used in conjunction with a full perimeter Water Trek Aqua Route® System.

"I'm coming in!"

The Most Cost Effective SOLUTION…Central Ontario Seepage Solutions’ Fieldstone Wall Conduit™

The Environmental Protection Agency taught radon professionals to install a barrier up the walls to "encapsulate" the area. Central Ontario Seepage Solutions has done radon mitigation for years and strongly agrees with The EPA and utilizes this method of encapsulation as a cure for water, dirt and insects as well as stopping radon gas (a fan would be needed to vent the gas). The method virtually seals the basement from the outside.

Fieldstone foundation walls usually have gaps in them. These gaps allow water, humidity, dampness, rodents and insects to enter the basement, due to the "whole house effect". The natural tendency of homes creates suction on the earth due to air flowing upwards to the roof.

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