Under operating conditions of 80° F and 60% Relative Humidity (a standard used for comparative performance of industrial dehumidifiers), the Basement Technologies Air Mop® 2 Heavy Duty Industrial/Marine Dehumidifier will remove up to 90 pints of harmful water vapor per day even in extreme environments, between 40° F and 150° F. The Basement Technologies Air Mop® 2 Heavy Duty Industrial/Marine Dehumidifier is definitely not "another pretty face" but a tough, self-sufficient performer.

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier

Ranked as one of the most energy-efficient residential dehumidifiers on the market, the American-made Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier eliminates mold and mildew problems in large humid basements and crawl spaces. The Classic removes 110 pints of moisture per day under AHAM conditions (80 degrees F at 60% RH) and approximately 220 pints at saturation (100% relative humidity). It dehumidifies spaces as large as 2,500 square feet and does it with Energy Star efficiency.

In many applications, the Santa Fe Classic requires virtually no assembly. Simply plug it into a standard 15-amp 115-volt grounded outlet, attach the supplied drain hose, and route it to a nearby floor drain.

Efficient Moisture Removal

Santa Fe dehumidifiers are known for efficient operation that often exceeds Energy Star standards. The Santa Fe Classic is constructed with a more efficient compressor, refrigerator coils, and internal fan—and uses Santa Fe's efficiency-boosting pre-cooling technology. As a result, it dehumidifies at a higher energy factor than comparable models of the same capacity. The Classic removes 3 liters of moisture per kilowatt hour (L/kWh), which exceeds Energy Star's minimum energy factor standard for residential dehumidifiers. It's among the most energy-efficient large-capacity dehumidifiers on the market. By purchasing a few accessories, the Classic can also be setup to support pumped drainage and ducted applications.  

Optional Condensate Pump

As an alternative to gravity drainage, an external condensate pump is available as an accessory for the Classic. Easy to setup and use, the optional condensate pump (sold separately) includes a 20-foot drain hose, giving you the option to run it across longer distances to drain condensate. To conserve energy, the pump features a float switch that directs it to run only when needed.

Optional Ducting Kit

An optional collar duct kit and ducting accessories are also available. You might prefer to duct your dehumidifier if standalone operation is not possible or not practical. Popular ducting options include:

Additional Features